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Thesis Prize

The Amsterdam Centre for Middle Eastern Studies Amsterdam yearly awards two prizes for the best BA thesis and the best MA thesis in Middle Eastern Studies for work completed at the University of Amsterdam during the preceding academic year.

The prizes consist of € 150 in book vouchers for the BA winner and € 250 in book vouchers.


  • Submissions should focus on the Middle East or subjects related to this region;
  • Applicants must have been registered students at the UvA for the academic year 2019-2020;
  • The thesis must have been successfully submitted in the academic year 2019-2020;
  • The thesis should have received a grade of 8 or more.

The ACMES Steering Board will appoint a jury that selects the best MA and BA thesis. The jury will be selected based on the fields in which the theses have been written. 

ACMES Thesis Prize 2019

In 2019, our winners were:

Lisa Schouten (BA Arabic Language and Culture): Van Madīnat al-Salām naar mainstream: een onderzoek naar de emancipatoire boodschap van Mahragānāt. Een case-study van het oeuvre van al-Sādāt al-ʿĀlamī

Verena Hoeke (MA Islam in the Modern World): The contribution of Sunni Islamic scholars and Muslim medical scholars to the discussion on transgender sex reassignment surgery in Islamic bioethics

  • ACMES Thesis Prize 2018

    2018 ACMES Thesis Prize winners:

    Veerle Veerbeek (BSc): The European Union’s terrorist list and the complex case of Hezbollah
    Sakina Loukili (MSc): 'This is not Islam' American, British and Dutch Muslims denouncing violent extremism through hashtag activism