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Thesis Prize

Thesis Prize

The Amsterdam Centre for Middle Eastern Studies Amsterdam yearly awards two prizes for the best BA thesis and the best MA thesis in Middle Eastern Studies for work completed at the University of Amsterdam during the preceding academic year.

The prizes consist of € 150 in book vouchers for the BA winner and € 250 in book vouchers plus a publication of an article based on the winning thesis in ZemZem for the MA winner.

Last year (2018) our winners were:
Veerle Veerbeek (BSc) (The European Union’s terrorist list and the complex case of Hezbollah)
Sakina Loukili (MSc) ('This is not Islam' American, British and Dutch Muslims denouncing violent extremism through hashtag activism)


This year, the following candidates have been nominated for the Master’s Thesis Prize: 

  • Lotte Harmanni: Decolonising Zionism: a contribution to the study of Arab Zionism
  • Verena Hoeke: The contribution of Sunni Islamic scholars and Muslim medical scholars to the discussion on transgender sex reassignment surgery in Islamic bioethics
  • Luuk Smit: Over de Nederlandse consuls J.H. Kann, S.E. Hoofiën en S.A. van Vriesland en hun innerlijke tweestrijd en loyaliteitsvraagstukken tussen Nederland en de zionistische beweging gedurende het Interbellum

The following candidates have been nominated for the Bachelor’s Thesis Prize:

  • Sascha Pimentel: Huishoudelijke arbeid als ongelijkheid: Domestic workers in Saoedi-Arabië. Een Feministische discoursanalyse van Saoedische formele en informele media
  • Floortje M. Carlier: Rethinking Electoral Revolutions: The Role of Digital Technology in the Ukrainian Orange Revolution and the Iranian Post-Election Crisis
  • Louisa Wenderoth: Street Art As A Facilitator For Political Change During The Egyptian Revolution: A Case Study Of Alaa Awad’s Freedom Mural

Lisa Schouten: Van Madīnat al-Salām naar mainstream: een onderzoek naar de emancipatoire boodschap van Mahragānāt. Een case-study van het oeuvre van al-Sādāt al-ʿĀlamī


On Dec 19th, following the keynote address by Prof. Dr. Ayse Caglar during the ACES annual lecture (in cooperation with ACMES), ACMES will announce the winning master and bachelor thesis @ Allard Pierson museum (Nina van Leerzaal) from 17:00-17:30. 

Family & Friends are warmly invited to come!


  • Applicants must have been registered (full or part-time) students at the UvA during the academic year preceding the year in which the award is presented;
  • Submissions should focus on the Middle East;
  • Submissions can be made in either English or Dutch;
  • The thesis must have been successfully submitted in the preceding academic year;
  • The thesis should have received a grade of 8 or more.

The ACMES Steering Board will appoint a jury that selects the best MA and BA thesis. The jury will be selected based on the fields in which the theses have been written. 



ACMES Thesis Prize
The winners of last year's thesis prizes (2018)