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Research objectives & activities

ACMES connects Amsterdam-based scholars of Middle Eastern studies, in order to stimulate collaboration in the execution of research and the development of interdisciplinary research agendas. The University’s research priority areas are key to the centre’s efforts to stimulate new research. ACMES furthermore offers a stage for the presentation of the latest research in the field.

Public Lecture Series

Annually held in the autumn semester, ACMES offers a publicly accessible lecture series with a range of international speakers.

ACMES lectures

Lectures of a more incidental nature are offered infrequently throughout the academic year. These may be of a more exclusive nature than the lectures in the Public Lecture Series.


Held on an annual or biannual basis, ACMES conferences deal with topics bridging the humanities and the social sciences. These conferences are usually organized in collaboration with additional partners.


In collaboration with national research schools and other organizations, ACMES organizes internationally oriented PhD-seminars for all current and prospective PhD-students in the field. These seminars are also open to Research Master’s students.
See the past events for an overview of ACMES activities thus far.

ACMES Lunch Seminars

In order to strengthen research collaboration among ACMES associates, ACMES launched the ACMES Lunch Seminars in which ACMES associates can present their ongoing research. During each seminar, one associate presents their work in progress, such as a draft paper, a PhD chapter, or a research proposal. In order to guarantee a fruitful discussion, we will circulate the writings to those interested in joining. The lunch seminars take place on Fridays at noon. They will last one hour and will initially take place on zoom. We aim at one seminar per month.