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We are happy to announce the third ACMES Research Convention which serves to enhance the visibility of Middle East studies within the University of Amsterdam, to strengthen the network between ACMES associates and to inspire future collaborations. Previous ACMES Conventions took place in 2015 and 2018.
Event details of ACMES Research Convention 2023
20 January 2023
09:00 -17:00
P.C. Hoofthuis
1.04 and 1.05


9-13:00 Morning programme (location: PCH)

9-9:30 Coffee and short welcome (Farid Boussaid & Maaike Voorhoeve) 

9:30-11:00 Panels I and II (parallel panels)

Panel I (PCH 1.04) 
History without archives (organiser: Amir Taha) 

Esther Schoorel, For Your Sake We Continue: Memory and Mobilization in the Aftermath of the 2019 Lebanese Uprising 
Misagh Javadpour, Selective Amnesia and Collective Memory; Constructing Acts of Violence During the Iranian Revolution of 1979
Amir Taha, Iraqi nationalism and the memory of the 1991 uprising
Discussant: Chiara de Cesari  

Panel II (PCH 1.05) 
Exploring gender, activism and Islam:  Iran, the Gulf, and the French digital world (Organisers: Annelies Moors and Sarah Bracke) 

Ladan Rahbari (Sociology, University of Amsterdam) -  The “Woman, Life, Freedom” Uprising in Iran: Women’s Activism and the Shifting Grounds of Religion
Lana Sirri (Sociology, University of Amsterdam) - Academic-Activism-Is That A Thing? Notes and Reflections from the GCC 
Sarah Bracke (Sociology, University of Amsterdam) - Re-Visualize: Gender and Islam in the French-speaking Digital World 
Chair and comments: Annelies Moors (anthropology, University of Amsterdam and NIAS) 

11-11:15 coffee break 

11:15-12:45 Panel III

Panel III (PCH 1.04) 
Artistic expressions as sites for examining the political (organiser: Lisa Schouten) 

Judith Naeff, The politics and poetics of family histories on the Arab left 
Faisal Hamadah, Liberation in the Context of Ecological Degradation  
Lisa Schouten, “Guilty until proven innocent”: contesting power(s) through Egyptian Mahraganat 
Chair: Veronika Zangl, University of Amsterdam

13-13:45 Lunch (canteen PCH)  

Copyright: Julia Bacha/

14:00 – 17:45 Afternoon Programme (location: OMHP) 

 14:00-15:30 Film & discussion (OMHP D 1.09) 
Boycott (Julia Bacha, Just Vision, 2021, 70 min.) 
Introduction: Anne de Jong 

 15:30-15:45 coffee break 

 15:45-17:45 Panels IV & V (parallel panels)

Panel IV (OMHP C2.17) 
Current Empirical Studies on Islam and Muslims in the Netherlands: Three research projects  
(organizer Gerard Wiegers)

Amine Oulad Lmaroudia, Primers, Preachers and Perception: Ibn ʿĀshir and the Transmission of Religious Didactical Texts 
George Muishout, Muslims and Palliative Decision Making 
Rafik Dahman, Islamic law concerning inter-religious coexistence; between formal legal authority and lived practice 
Chair: Gerard Wiegers 

Panel V (OMHP C1.23)
Researching and Teaching Entanglements: the Middle East in Europe- and Europe in the Middle East (organiser: Anne de Jong) 

Michelle Pace and Jan Völkel – Book presentation Knowledge production in higher education: Between Europe and the Middle East 
Dimitris Bouris – Book presentation Routledge Handbook of EU-Middle East RelationsEntanglements in EU–Middle East relations 
Virginie Mamadouh – In the Shadow of the European Neighbourhood: Political geographies of EU–Middle East relations 
Anne de Jong – Teaching the enlightened student: Political polarisation and the ongoing quest for critical thinking 

P.C. Hoofthuis

Room 1.04 and 1.05
Spuistraat 134
1012 VB Amsterdam