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Advisory Board

  • Asef Bayat, Professor of Sociology and Middle East Studies at the University of Illinois
  • Khaled Fahmy, Professor and Chair of the Department of History at the American University in Cairo
  • Ulrike Freitag, Director of Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin, in conjunction with a full special professorship (S-Professur), Institute of Islamic Studies, Freie Universität Berlin
  • Mercedes GarcĂ­a-Arenal, Research Professor at the  National Council for Scientific Research in Madrid 
  • Mona Harb, Associate Professor, Dept. of Architecture & Design, American University of Beirut
  • Gunvor Mejdell, Professor of Arabic language and culture at the University of Oslo
  • Ruba Salih, Reader in Gender Studies & Chair of the Centre for Gender Studies, SOAS
  • Judith Tucker, Professor of History and former Director of the Master of Arts in Arab Studies Program, and former Editor of the International Journal of Middle East Studies, Georgetown University
  • Lynn Welchman, Professor of Law with particular reference to the Middle East and North Africa, SOAS
  • Stefan Wild, Professor Emeritus of Semitic Languages and Islamic Studies at the University of Bonn
  • Sami Zemni, Professor in Political and Social Sciences at the Center for Conflict and Development Studies, Ghent University, where he coordinates and leads the Middle East and North Africa Research Group (MENARG)