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Ms L.E. (Lara) Mazurski PhD

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Lara Mazurski is a lecturer and course co-ordinator at Amsterdam University College. She has also been a lecturer in the Department of Literary and Cultural Analysis at the UVA. She received her Ph.D. in Cultural Analysis from the UvA in 2014. Her work investigates visual culture focusing on mediums such as theatre, literature, contemporary art, photography, and media with a special focus on the axis of differentiation such as gender, sexuality, ethnicity and race. Her current research interests are concerned with queer theory, immigration, multiculturalism, Islam and women, gender.

Teaching Undergraduate Level


 Gender and Sexuality

Cities and Cultures

Introduction to Visual Methodologies

The Global Identity Experience

Advanced Research Writing

Academic Writing Skills

Analysis and Interpretation 1

Public Cultures

Identities in Popular Culture

Identities in Visual and Cultural Studies

Mass Media, Culture, and Identity

Representing Identity Through Film and Literature

Reading the City: Cultural Analysis and Representations of the City


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2018 The Blue Collective

2007  Een Ander Justitie’ Informatie Over Een Ander Justite Vindt, Ministerie Van Justitie Directie Coordinatie Integratiebeleid Minderhede, Den Haag

Papers Presented: Conference (Selection)

(2016) Die Antwoord: Is the Answer to Hegemonic Imaginings of Afrikaans Culture. Sex and the Cinema: A Film Studies Journal Conference, University of Kent, December 10-12 2016, UK.

(2014)The Burqa Avenger: An Analysis of Burqa Clad Avengers on TV, ASCA International Workshop, July 2014, UVA.

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(2011) Politicizing The National. American Anthropology Association (AAA) International Conference, (November 15-20 2011), Montreal, Canada.

(2011) Besieged By Burqas: An analysis of Sverigedemokraterna’s 2010 Election Advert  International Annual Conference NCG “Religions and their Despisers: Criticism and Vilification of Religions and Believers” 4-5 November 2011, Amersfoort, Netherlands.

(2011) Singularity Diffracted Memories in Transnational Literature, Transnational Memories Research, Utrecht University, 23 to 24 June 2011, Utrecht, Netherlands

(2011) Besieged by Burqas: An Analysis of Sverigedemokraterna 2011 Election Campaign, June 11, 2011, ASCA Mini Conference, UvA.

(2011) Heroic Victims: An Analysis of Eve Ensler’s, Under The Burqa, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, Practicing Theory the 2011 ASCA International Workshop, Amsterdam

(2010) Subjectivity and the Veiled Women’s Body, FORUM Institute, Leiden

(2010) On the Borders of My Dreams I Encountered My Double’s `ghost: An Analysis of Jean-Ulrick Deserts, Articulations: 2010 Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis International Workshop, March 22nd-24th, UvA.

(2009) Gendered Cultures at the Crossroads of Imagination, Knowledge and Politics, 7th European Feminist Research Conference June 4-7 2009, Utrecht, The Netherlands




  • Mazurski, L. E. (2016). Besieged by burqas: Analysing representations of the burqa. Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies, 19(1), 120-122. DOI: 10.5117/TVGN2016.1.PROE 


  • Mazurski, L. E. (2015). Besieged by burqas: Analyzing representations of the burqa [details] 
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