Amsterdam Centre for Middle Eastern Studies

Amsterdam Centre for Middle Eastern Studies

Scholarship on the Middle East at the University of Amsterdam is brought together in the Amsterdam Centre for Middle Eastern Studies. ACMES is an umbrella organization that acts as a podium for the University’s extensive expertise in this field and promotes collaboration between scholars beyond disciplinary boundaries.

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ACMES organises lectures, master classes, conferences and seminars. Its mission is to strengthen and internationalize the Middle Eastern Studies profile of the University of Amsterdam. 

Every autumn ACMES organises its annual Lectures Series. For our upcoming events and this year's programme, see the links below.

ACMES houses a broad range of scholarship related to the region of the Middle East (including the Maghreb and the Ottoman Balkans). This includes topics of a comparative nature (e.g. urbanization in Turkey and Indonesia) or topics of a transnational nature (e.g. global Sufi orders and transnational migration). ACMES associates work on periods ranging from the late antique period to the contemporary age. ACMES stimulates interdisciplinary research, as well as research that is exclusively the domain of the humanities or the social sciences, in particular Anthropology; Arabic studies; Art history; Cultural studies; Hebrew studies; History; Law; Linguistics; Literary studies; Media studies; Political science and Religious studies.

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2 November 2018