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ACMES has begun a collaboration with The People's University, an initiative from young Iranians in the Netherlands.


The aim of The People’s University (TPU) is to make academic knowledge accessible to a broad audience of millions of Persian-speaking people across the globe. The premise is that the vast majority of academic research findings never reach society at large. TPU seeks to disseminate this knowledge through the internet in the form of brief, 15-20minute video’s from key speakers in the Persian academic community. The lectures that serve as the basis of these videos are recorded at the University of Amsterdam. The focus of the lectures is on research that touches on current affairs, made accessible through everyday language and with a lasting impact.

TPU is a project of public lecture series by Iran Academia. Previous lectures include 'Young Generation and the Islamization of Iran's Educational System' by Saeed Paivandi (26 October 2015); 'Iran's Political Economy, Mechanisms and Prospects' by Dr. Maljoo (7 December 2015); and 'Social movements and collective actions in Iran' by Ali Honari (11 January 2016). All lectures are recorded and can be viewed here (in Persian).

To keep informed of upcoming lectures and events, please see People's University's website or Facebook page.