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Archive of past events


  • AIIS Lecture: Prof. Abbas Amanat (Yale University). Iran’s Two and Half Revolutions: Tragedies but No Farce?
    17 May 2018
  • AIIS Lecture: Dr. Soroush Dabagh (University of Toronto). Islam and Religious Reform
    15 May 2018
  • Nadwa! Debate on the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF). With Djûke Poppinga, Roel de Bruijn, Rehab Chaker, Mariwan Kanie, and Robbert Woltering.
    24 April 2018
  • ACMES Discussion Room: 'Soennieten versus sjiieten: het eeuwige conflict?' With Paul Aarts (UvA), Marten Boekelo (Wageningen University and Research), Arjen Buitelaar (Su-Shi Intrafaith Dialogue), and Ghassan Dahhan (Trouw).
    28 February 2018


  • ACMES Thesis Prize Awards Ceremony. Winners: Dorieke Molenaar (MA) and Akke de Hoog (BA).
    7 December 2017

  • ACMES Round Table: The International and Domestic Dimensions of the Syrian Conflict. With Dr. Anis Nacrour (former Head of the EU Delegation to Syria) and Mohammad Kanfash (coordinator of Damaan NGO).
    7 December 2017

  • ACMES Lecture: Youssouf Amine Elalamy (Ibn Tofaïl University, Kenitra, Morocco). Arts and Politics: Moroccan Visual Arts from the Colonial to the Contemporary
    30 November 2017

  • ACMES Lecture: Michael Kemper (UvA). Muridism and Jihad in Russia’s Caucasus: Continuities and Misconceptions
    23 November 2017

  • ACMES Round Table: Beyond the Balfour Declaration. Navigating Everyday Life in Contemporary Israel/Palestine. With E. Tzfadia (Sapir College, Israel), S. AlQudwa (Oxford Brookes University), E. Grassiani (Anthropology, UvA), and J. Bier (Sociology, Erasmus University). In collaboration with Spui25, Gate48, ASCA, and the Faculty of Humanities.
    9 November 2017

  • ACMES Lecture: Maaike van Berkel (Radboud University). Managing the essence of life. Water supply in Basra and Baghdad (8th-10th centuries)
    19 October 2017

  • ACMES Round Table: Kurdistan Referendum: To Be or Not To Be? With Joost Hiltermann (ICG, Brussels), Mariwan Kanie (UvA), and Ugur Üngör (UU).
    28 September 2017

  • ACMES Lecture: Michiel Leezenberg (UvA). Sexuality in Classical and Contemporary Islam: Continuity or Rupture?
    14 September 2017

  • Annual Lecture: Gilbert Achcar (SOAS, University of London). What happened to the Arab Spring?
    2 March 2017

  • ACMES Discussion Room: 'Moslims en Islamstudies onder vuur'. With Gerard Wiegers, Annelies Moors, Robbert Woltering, and Sakina Loukili.
    9 February 2017



Farid Boussaid congratulating ACMES Thesis Prize winner Thomas Bartels. (Photograph: Marieke Haagh)

  • Lecture: Khaled Fahmy (AUC; Harvard University). Medicine and Law in Nineteenth-Century Egypt
    15 December 2016
  • Lecture: Sylvia I. Bergh (ISS-EUR). Social Accountability in Morocco: Strengthening State-Society Relations in between Elections?
    1 December 2016
  • Lecture: Roham Alvandi (London School of Economics and Political Science). Nixon, Kissinger, and the Shah: The United States and Iran in the Cold War
    17 November 2016
  • Special ACMES Lecture: Fouad Abdelmoumni (Transparency Morocco). Reforms in Morocco since 2011
    7 November 2016
  • Lecture: Gabrielle van den Berg (UL). Text, Image and Power: A Brief History of the Shahnama or Persian Book of Kings
    3 November 2016
  • Lecture: Pieter Coppens (UU). Renouncing the Hereafter: Perceptions of Paradise and Hell in Sufi Qur'an Commentaries
    20 October 2016
  • Lecture: Mariwan Kanie (UvA). The Kurdisch Question(s) in the Contemporary Middle East
    6 October 2016
  • Lecture: Heinrich Matthee (Senior analyst and strategy advisor, JISR). The Politics of Business and the Business of Politics in Iran
    22 September 2016
  • Lecture: Naysan Rafati (IFRI, Paris). The Iran Nuclear Deal: Progress, Pitfalls, and Prospects
    3 June 2016
  • Palmyra, a virtual tour. Speakers: Lucinda Dirven en Chiara De Cesari. In cooperation with Stichting Zenobia, izi.TRAVEL and Spui25.
    18 May 2016
  • Nadwa! Literary debate. In cooperation with Uitgeverij Jurgen Maas.
    26 April 2016
Nadwa - 2 -  26 april 2016

The Nadwa panel members

  • Lecture: Heba Raouf Ezzat (Cairo University). Beyond the State: A New Political Theory for a New Arab World
    11 April 2016
  • Lecture: Moshe Behar (University of Manchester). Unambiguously "Eastern", and Ignored: Modern Middle Eastern Jewish Thought
    6 April 2016
  • Lecture: Ali Honari (VU). Elections and Social Movements in Iran
    25 February 2016
  • Double lecture and discussion: Maaike Voorhoeve (EUME programme, Berlin) and Fabio Merione (Ghent University). Women’s rights and the jihadi movement in the Tunisian transition.
    29 January 2016



  • ACMES Lecture: Jean-Pierre Filiu (Sciences Po, Paris School of International Affairs) Frankenstein's Syndrome in the Middle East. Arab Counter-Revolution and Jihadi Expansion
  • The first annual Prince Dr Sabbar Farman lecture, by Juan Cole (University of Michigan) From railroads in the nineteenth century to modern day nuclear power restraints. Organised by the Amsterdam Initiative for Iranian Studies (AIIS) in cooperation with the International Institute of Social History (IISG)
  • ACMES Lecture: Josephine van den Bent (UvA) Violent Infidels or Pious Rulers - Ibn Khaldūn's Portrayal of the Mongols
  • ACMES Lecture: Paul Aarts (UvA) Boldness Driven by Vulnerability. Saudi Arabia: A Kingdom in Peril
  • Debate: Decoding the Iran Nuclear Deal: Understanding Iran's Domestic Politics. With Ilan Goldenberg Senior (Center for a New American Security), Ellie Geranmayeh (European Council of Foreign Relations), and Peyman Jafari (UvA). Organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • AIIS Panel discussion: Iran After the Nuclear Deal: Domestic and International Prospects.
  • ACMES Lecture: Roel Meijer (Radboud University) Citizenship Studies and its Relevance for the Middle East
  • ACMES Lecture: Gerard Wiegers (UvA) The Polemical Presence of Islam and Muslims in Early Modern Europe
  • ACMES Lecture: Djûke Poppinga (UvA) Syrian Literature in Times of Repression and Violence: Khaled Khalifa’s No Knives in This City’s Kitchen
  • ACMES Lecture: Marc Valeri (University of Exeter) The Sultanate at a Crossroads: Omani Politics Today
  • ACMES Lecture: Farid Boussaid (UvA) The Resilience of Monarchies in the Middle East: How Do They Do It?
Lezing Farid Boussaid

Lecture by Farid Boussaid (10 September 2015)

  • Discussion meeting: 'Iran and a Changing Order in the Middle East'. In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Directie Noord-Afrika en Midden-Oosten).
  • Nadwa! Literary debate. In collaboration with Uitgeverij Jurgen MAAS.
  • Workshop  Syria Speaks. In collaboration with the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development, ACMES offered a small group of motivated students a one-day intensive workshop on visual culture and literature of the Syrian Revolution, including an exclusive meeting with author Rasha Abbas, a member of the anonymous poster collective Alshaab Assori Aref Tarekh, author, filmmaker and editor Zaher Omareen, and Malu Halasa, editor of the publication Syria Speaks: Art and Culture from the Frontline.
  • Discussion meeting on new Islamic activism, 'Over de grens?'. With Martijn de Koning (UvA/RU) and Pim Aarns (RU), and Muslim activists Abou Hafs, Nourdeen Wildeman, Ibtissam Abaâziz and Sandra Doevendans.
  • ACMES Research Convention. More than forty ACMES Associates from a great variety of fields presented (part of) their current research to their colleagues and interested members of the public. Michiel Leezenberg delivered the keynote lecture, entitled Iraq, ISIS and the Kurds: Redrawing National, Religious and Sexual Boundaries

Michiel Leezenberg delivering the keynote lecture

  • Discussion meeting with Dirk Vandewalle (Dartmouth) on 'The Multifaceted Crisis of Liby'. Vandewalle is professor of political science and specialized in Libya and the political economy of North Africa. In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • Discussion meeting with Ali Vaez (ICG, Iran specialist) and Mina al-Oraibi (Al-Sharq al-Awsat, Iraq specialist) Change and Continuity in Iran-Iraq relations: the impact of IS. With Maaike Warnaar (Leiden, Iran specialist) and Mariwan Kanie (UvA, Iraq specialist) as discussants. In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.(14/11/2014)

  • ACMES Lecture: Vivienne Matthies-Boon (UvA) The Political is Personal: Narratives of Trauma in (Post)Revolutionary Egypt
  • ACMES Lecture: double lecture by Dr. Emanuela Dalmasso (UvA) and Ellen van de Bovenkamp (VU) Morocco on the Move
  • ACMES Lecture: double lecture by Prof. dr. Martin van Bruinessen (Utrecht University) and Zihni Özdil (Erasmus University) Turkish Politics Today 
  • Discussion meeting with Shiraz Maher (ICSR) and others on processes of radicalisation in Iraq and Syria and the nature on present-day jihadism. In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • ACMES Lecture: double lecture by Prof. dr. Marwan Kraidy (Annenberg School for Communications/NIAS) and Judith Naeff (University of Amsterdam)Bodies and Dead Bodies in the Contemporary Middle East 
  • ACMES Lecture: Kawa Hassan (HIVOS) Post-Iraq States: Kurdistan, Caliphate and a Baghdad Rump State? 
ACMES Lecture Iraq

Mariwan Kanie (left) and Kawa Hassan during the ACMES Lecture 'Post-Iraq States'

  • ACMES Lecture: Dr Johan Weststeijn (visiting scholar at department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Amsterdam) in collaboration with Stichting Zenobia,  Farao, Mozes, Sisi: Het koranische conflict tussen profeet en tiran in de politiek van het Midden-Oosten
  • Lecture: Dr. Michael Hanna (Century Foundation) Obama’s Balancing Act in the Middle East – the case of Egypt.
    in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Nadwa! - Literary discussion meeting on the occasion of the announcement of the winner of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF) 2014. In collaboration with Uitgeverij Jurgen Maas and the Nederlands-Arabische Kring.
  • ACMES Debate: 'What does Iran want?' With Nasser Hadian, Professor of Political Science at the University of Tehran, Paul van Hooft, PhD candidate at the Political Science department of the University of Amsterdam, and Paul Aarts, lecturer at the Political Science department (UvA). In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 


  • ACMES Lecture: Dr Noha Radwan (Assistant Professor in Arabic and Comparative Literature, University of California Davis) Egyptian poetry in the language of the popular, the intimate and the revolutionary
  • Symposium: Egypt in Transition, with Nicola Pratt as discussant (author of Democracy and Authoritarianism in the Arab World).
  • ACMES Opening Event, with lectures by renowned historian dr. Joseph Massad (Columbia University) and Kuwayti author Saud Alsanousi, whose novel Saq al-Bambu [The Bamboo Stick] was the 2013 winner of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction.
  • ACMES Lecture: Drs. K.M. Santing (Semitic Languages and Cultures, University of Groningen) De Moslimbroederschap in Egypte: oorsprong en ontwikkeling 
  • ACMES Lecture: Dr N. Boekhoff-Van der Voort (Arabic and Islamic Studies, Radboud University, Nijmegen) The Umayyad Court and the biography of the prophet Muhammad
  • ACMES Lecture: Dr. P. Pallister-Wilkins (Political Sciences, University of Amsterdam) The use of walls and fences in the governing of Middle Eastern Populations
  • ACMES Lecture: Bette Dam (investigative journalist based in Kabul, political scientist) The return of the Taliban: on the trail of Mullah Omar
  • ACMES Lecture: Dr. E.A.V. Matthies-Boon (International Relations of the Middle East, University of Amsterdam) On securitisation and neoliberalisation: the politics of (mis)recognition in Egypt
  • Discussion meeting with dr. Y. Al-Khoei (director of the Centre for Academic Shi'a Studies) and dr. A. Eshki (chairman of Middle East Centre for Strategic and Legal Studies, Jeddah) in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sunni Shia Reconciliation, the regional role of Saudi Arabia
  • ACMES Lecture: Dr. J.K. Weststeijn (visiting scholar at department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Amsterdam) in collaboration with Stichting Zenobia Tomyris, Judith, Zenobia, Jalila: Wijn en wraak in de geschiedschrijving van het Nabije Oosten
  • Symposium: The Kurdish Question in 2013: domestic and transnational developments (with LUCIS, ACGS, Turkey Institute)(18/6/2013)
  • ACMES Lecture: Yahya Amir Ibrahim (Horn of Africa Un.) The War Economy of Somalia
  • ACMES Lecture: Ibrahim Miro The Syrian Revolution and the Kurdish Question
  • Literary discussion meeting on the Occasion of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF): Nadwa! 
  • Lecture: Alessandro Vanoli (Bologna Univ.) Crossing the sea: the Mediterranean and Islam from an Atlantic perspective 
  • Lecture: Hassan Mneimneh Turkey’s ‘New Ottomanism’ in the Middle East after the Arab Spring?
  • Conference: Social Media Activism in the Arab World & China
  • Amsterdam Middle Eastern Studies PhD Get-Together


  • Lecture: Vitaly Naumkin (IOS Moscow) Russia’s Position on Syria: the wider Middle Eastern Perspective
  • Lecture: Hamid Dabashi (Columbia U.) Islam, Protest and the Future of the Arab Revolts
  • Master class: Syria. Culture in Defiance
  • A msterdam Middle Eastern Studies Lecture Series 2012
  • Mariwan Kanie (UvA) Boeken en Revoluties: protest en literatuur in de Arabische wereld
  • Robbert Woltering (UvA) Unusual suspects: Ultras als politieke actoren in de Egyptische Revolutie
  • Fik Meijer (UvA) Hooligans in Constantinopel
  • Markus Dressler (Istanbul TU) Secularism, Religion and Nationalism in Turkey: defining Alevism
  • Nurit Peled (Hebrew U.) Teaching hostility: The image of Palestinians in Israeli Schoolbooks
  • Khaled Fahmy  (NYU) The Egyptian Revolution between Military and Brotherhood
  • Khaled Fahmy (NYU) The politics of Sharia in modern Egypt

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25 May 2018