Amsterdam Centre for Middle Eastern Studies

Launch AIIS

Introducing the Amsterdam Initiative for Iranian Studies

4 November 2015

On Friday 6 November, the official launch of the Amsterdam Initiative for Iranian Studies will take place.

This academic network, recently formed as part of ACMES, aims to bring together scholars and students at academic institutions in Amsterdam (UvA, VU, International Institute of Social History, HvA) to advance research on historical and contemporary Iran in the social sciences and the humanities. Additionally, AIIS wishes to create a platform where the general public and media can hear and discuss the latest insights on Iran.

As their first activity, AIIS will host a panel discussion engaging a number of specialists in the field on the topic 'Iran After the Nuclear Deal: Domestic and International Prospects'. For more information on this event, which doubles as the official launch of AIIS, see here.

For more information on AIIS, its members and activities, and on how to get involved, please visit their page here.

Published by  ACMES